“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”
This famous quote by Anthony Robbins hold true for your career selection. How you decide your career impacts your entire future. Right career selection can take you to the pinnacle of success and wrong selection can make you miserable for life. By right career selection we mean choosing to do what your innate abilities and strengths support.

It has been found that those who have achieved great success in their chosen fields were actually fortunate as they by chance chose what they were best at. At the same time, majority of people struggle in mediocrity as they were not so fortunate and chose a career not supported by their innate abilities. Career selection till date has been like a draw of lottery as there wasn’t any scientific way to choose a career.
But with the application of Multiple Intelligence Analysis now right career selection is possible and you can actually choose to do what you are best at. You can choose to do what you are born to do. People world over are using the Multiple Intelligence Analysis to make the right rather best career choice as it eliminates the chance factor and enhances the possibility of success many times.

The formula of greatness is Doing What You Are Passionate About + What You Are Best At + What Drives You Economically.

This Multiple Intelligence Analysis will surely narrow down your search for greatness to a career which you will be passionate about and be best at. See for yourself in the next few pages.